How to increasse eCPM?

4 min read eCPM is the core of the monetization process with applications and especially Admob. Higher eCPM means higher advertising revenue. But unfortunately, not all publishers have achieved the expected eCPM numbers. March 19, 2024 05:58 How to increasse eCPM?

How to increase eCPM? To answer this question, let's go through the following subsections to improve your eCPM, bringing maximum revenue to the publisher's application.Try different ad formats

Testing different Ad formats.

By testing different ad formats you can find the best performing ad formats. It can be challenging to get a hang of changing up your ad formats. Display, Video, native, etc have different average eCPM rates. Video ads tend to have higher eCPMs compared to display.

Taget Countries

You can increase eCPM by publishing your app in the 1st tier countries i.e. USA, Canada, UK etc…

Ad mediation

Try Ad mediation to increase eCPM. Ad mediation allows you to serve ads from multiple ad networks, increasing your chances of getting ads for your app.

Ad Placement Optimization

Experiment with different ad placements and evaluate their impact on eCPM.

User Experience

Ultimately, if you want to increase your eCPM and your other ad metrics, you must cater to the user experience. To encourage users to spend more time in your app, make it user-friendly and intuitive, and provide a great user experience.

Achieve High Viewability.

View ability is an important subject in digital advertising. Advertisers want to ensure that their ads are actually being seen.

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